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Relaxscent Pining For You Jumbo Cotton 430 ml

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If you’re looking for a fresh fragrance that cuts through the mix, look no further. Our Pining for You candle embodies the scent of a freshly cut pine tree with notes of cool patchouli. Earthy, sharp and fragrant. Relaxscent uses soy wax to create a greener environment. This candle includes a wooden wick. Wooden wicks are eco-friendly, have a horizontal flame so it spreads the fragrance easily, creates a crackling sound, and is long lasting.
How to Use

Keep the candle burning from 2-4 hours. Minimum 2 hours.Snuff out the flame when the candle has achieved a full melt pool to prevent tunneling

How does it work

Light from the corners while tilting the candles so the flame can spread upward
Cut off all charred parts before re-lighting to gain a bigger flame (by nail clippers, pliers, or even your fingers)


Soy wax, pine fragrance, patchouli fragrance, wax dye.

About the brand

Relaxscent Pining For You Jumbo Cotton 430 ml