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Evoke Lavender & White Sage Diffuser 100 ml

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Lavender and White Sage:
White Sage and Lavender fragrance oil is a camphoraceous blend of herbs, lavender, and aromatic woods. Sage, rosemary, and chamomile awaken the earthiness of lavender, while hints of sandalwood and cedar in the base are reinforced by clove, lavandin, and cedarwood essential oils. This clean, herbal scent summons an apothecary atmosphere
This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including cedarwood, clove, and lavandin.
Fragrance Notes
Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, Camphor
Cedar, Sandalwood
Features & Benefits

Its calming and apothecary-inspired scent transforms any space, offering a soothing and earthy ambiance when applied on pulse points or diffused.

How to Use

Immerse yourself in the calming ambiance of Lavender and White Sage by applying on pulse points for a herbal, earthy personal fragrance, or infuse your surroundings with the clean, apothecary-inspired scent by adding a few drops to a diffuser.


Blend of Lavender, Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, Camphor, Cedar, and Sandalwood, Infused with Natural Essential Oils including Cedarwood, clove, and Lavandin.

Evoke Lavender & White Sage Diffuser 100 ml
Evoke Lavender & White Sage Diffuser 100 ml