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ZK Lemon Essential Oil 10mL

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Lemon Essential Oil is a bright and zesty scent that can awaken your senses and uplift your mood. This citrusy and refreshing aroma is perfect for promoting mental clarity and invigorating the mind. In addition to its delightful scent, Lemon Essential Oil can help purify the air and surfaces, making it a great addition to your cleaning routine. Experience the fresh and energizing benefits of Lemon Essential Oil and add it to your daily self-care regimen today for a natural and vibrant boost.
Features & Benefits

• Fresh, Zesty Citrus Scent.
• Uplifting and Revitalizing.
• Add to your favourite DIY cleaners.
• Perfect for an energizing morning boost
• Invigorating to the senses.

How to Use

Diffuse equal amounts of Lemon and
Peppermint in the morning or whenever
you need an extra boost. To use for cleaning, add a few drops to your favourite cleaner to help refresh and sanitize. It is especially good added to some baking soda to make your bathroom or kitchen appliances sparkle!


Citrus limon pure essential oil

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ZK Lemon Essential Oil 10mL