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ZK Sweet Almond Oil 110mL

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Sweet almond oil is light, easily absorbed by the skin and has a very slight nutty scent. It is rich in natural Vitamin E, minerals and lipids, and is commonly used as emollient, massage oil or moisturizer. Almond Oil is very gentle and works well on all skin types, even sensitive skin. It is especially useful in skincare products such as facial cleansers, makeup removers and anti-wrinkle treatments. You can also massage it into cuticles or use it as a deep conditioning hair treatment. Sweet Almond Oil blends well with essential oils and works wonderfully as a carrier oil.

How to Use

Use sweet almond oil as a light, natural moisturizer by massaging onto clean skin.
Incorporate as a massage oil or blend with lotions for added skin hydration.
Efficiently remove makeup by applying gently on a cotton pad; also suitable for hair conditioning.


The main ingredient is 100% pure cold-pressed sweet almond oil, free from additives or fillers

About the brand

ZK Sweet Almond Oil 110mL