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ZK Tea Tree Essential Oil 10mL

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Tea Tree essential oil is one of the most popular essential oils, and for good reason. Native to Australia, it's commonly applied around the world for a multitude of uses. It has a green, medicinal, woody aroma and is a wonderful addition to natural home cleaning sprays and can clear and refresh musty areas.
This oil is also fabulous for helping to clear teenage blemishes and other problem skin areas.
Features & Benefits

• Popular and versatile.
• Green, medicinal, woody aroma.
• Great for natural cleaning sprays.
• Clears and refreshes musty areas.
• Helps clear problem skin and blemishes.

How to Use

Add Tea Tree to a spray bottle of white
vinegar or distilled water to combat
mustiness in a warm, steamy bathroom.
Dilute Tea Tree in aloe vera jelly and dab
with a q-tip directly on teenage blemishes.
Diffusing Tea Tree during times of seasonal
illness can promote healthier air quality in
the home.


Melaleuca alternifolia pure essential oil

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ZK Tea Tree Essential Oil 10mL